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Segway Releases its Next-gen Robotic Lawn Mower-Navimow i Series in the US

An array of smart features ensures a highly efficient, wire-free mowing experience, available online starting today. DUSSELDORF, Germany, March 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Segway, a leading pioneer in personal transportation and robotics, proudly announces the official release of its highly anticipated Navimow i Series robotic lawn mower. The Navimow i Series marks a significant leap forward in automated lawn maintenance technology, offering unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and precision in lawn care, and will be available for purchase starting today. The aim of the Navimow i Series is to provide a highly accessible robotic lawn mower tool for lawn owners of all kinds, pushing the revolution from traditional lawn mowing to a smart, hands-free mowing generation. The Navimow i Series packs an array of advanced smart features: Industry-leading vision-enhanced RTK system Only robotic lawnmowers that offer accurate positioning and route planning can be truly relied upon by users to deliver a precision cut every time. To ensure a high level of dependability, Segway has developed its own vision enhanced RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning system, that combines a customized RTK chip with a vision system enabled by a 140°POV camera. As a result, the Navimow i Series can handle a diverse range of lawn layouts while providing centimeter-level positioning, especially lawns with complex environment. All-new AI Assistant Mapping function The Navimow i Series leverages cutting-edge AI technology to optimize mapping accuracy. The mower's AI-powered assistant feature identifies the edge of the user's lawn during the mapping process and is then automatically able to navigate the entire working area all by itself. Based on the map created by the AI assistant, users can then revise and finetune the working area on the app with ease, working alongside the technology to deliver a high level of performance. Smart features designed for flawless lawn maintenance Navimow i Series users can enjoy scheduled cutting that allows them to keep their lawn in check even when they're away on holiday. The model can mow according to a planned schedule, even automatically recharging when needed, guaranteeing a pristine lawn 100% of the time. Segway's latest offering also employs a unique zigzag cutting pattern, changing angle after the first round of mowing is complete to ensure every blade of grass is covered. Finally, users can opt to turn on Ride-on Boundary mode where the i Series straddles the physical boundary between grass and non-grass areas, servicing those tough-to-reach lawn edges that both traditional and robotic mowers struggle to reach. George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow, commented: "With the Navimow i Series we wanted to create a robotic mower that caters to everyone, from users that have zero experience with robotic or even traditional mowers, to green-fingered gardening extraordinaires. We believe that our latest offering delivers mass usability, with a host of smart features delivering an easy-to-use product experience and a competitive price point that makes the i Series more accessible than almost every other robotic mower on the market. Pricing and availability Segway Navimow offers two models: i105 covers 1/8 acre, and i110 covers 1/4 acre. The two variants will be priced at $999 and $1,299 respectively, marking one of the most accessible wire-free robotic lawn mowers in the market. Consumers placed order between March 1st to March 14th on navimow.segway.com, will have the chance to earn a free Garage S, originally priced at $199.99, or a free Access+ 4G module, priced at $149.99, promotion ends when the gifts are out of stock.

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Exhibitors from 15 countries and regions KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) was off to a roaring start with a record 714 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions to mark its 30th year in global furniture trade. Roaring Start For MIFF 2024 As Record Exhibitors Kick Off 30th Anniversary Show The diverse range of products, expanded halls and wave of new exhibitors are set to offer a more innovative and competitive sourcing experience for the 20,000 furniture professionals expected over four days from March 1 to 4. Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani, Minister of Plantation and Commodities officiated the show taking place at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) and World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL). The grand opening was a momentous occasion for the Malaysian furniture industry and stakeholders who gathered to applaud the latest milestone by MIFF from its humble start with 152 local exhibitors in 1995. It presented an exhilarating leap into the next chapter of growth for one the longest running furniture trade shows in Asia. Excitement mounts that the sold-out space, with a six per cent increase of exhibitors, will attract more international buyers and spur another round of robust business following last year's 19% jump in sales to US$1.21 billion and high of 673 exhibitors. In addition to Malaysia, this year's show is joined by companies from Cambodia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Türkiye, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and United States. "MIFF is entering a new period and we are very excited about the journey ahead. We will continue to build on our success and take the show to even greater heights and remain a strong bridge connecting Malaysian companies to the global market. Trade shows are undergoing transformation. Exhibitors and buyers can expect better services and better show experience from MIFF going forward," said MIFF Founder and Chairman Dato' Dr Tan Chin Huat in his welcome speech. Over the past three decades, MIFF has attracted buyers from 141 countries and regions, and integrated hundreds of Malaysian companies into the global supply chain. MIFF is considered a global top 10 furniture market place and the largest furniture show in Southeast Asia. It is also the biggest export showcase of Malaysian wooden furniture and office furniture in the region. This year's show features 17 halls, two more than previously, across a combined space of 100,000 sqm. Since the show returned in-person two years, the show has registered a bigger number of big buyers and new buyers. Among the Malaysian exhibitors are well-known industry names such as Ecomate, Evergreen Fibreboard, Favourite Design, Heveaboard, Isella Sofa, Ivorie, Johann & Joann, Kinheng Furniture, LB Furniture, Luxury Sleep, Merryfair Chair, Oasis Furniture, Poh Huat, Seow Buck Sen, Sin Wee Seng Industries, Wegmans and WA Furniture, etc. Two of the biggest attractions – Muar Hall and designRena – featuring premier Malaysian manufacturers have expanded their display space from three to four halls in MITEC. The Muar Hall is coordinated by the Muar Furniture Association, a Strategic Partner of MIFF, to showcase the latest products and new collections from the officially designated Furniture City of Malaysia. Other highlights in MITEC are International Hall, Sofa Hall, the young designer xOrdinary showcase and the works of the winner and finalists of the MIFF Furniture Design Competition (FDC). The MIFF Office segment, one of the busiest zones in the show, is located at WTCKL with an array of other Malaysian exhibitors including panel furniture suppliers, A new MIFF Furniverse app offers attendees and exhibitors a more interactive and customised experience in finding each other and explore new business prospects. The all-in-one tool also provides real-time updates of essential information and networking events. Off the trading floor, attendees will continue to enjoy MIFF hospitality and more networking at the International Buyers Lounge, Buyers Night gala dinner and industry seminar that will examine what furniture manufacturers need to know about carbon footprint, what's in and what's out in design and furniture testing for the U.S. market, among others. On Mar 3, the MIFF Awards Ceremony comes under the limelight with the presentation of two exhibitor prizes – Best Presentation Award for best booth and Furniture Excellence Award for outstanding product – and MIFF FDC top designer award. The MIFF FDC winner is decided from 203 entries this year for the theme "Chair-Volution" celebrating innovation and design in tandem with the show. Sprucing up the festivities is a virtual tree planting sustainable initiative where MIFF will plant a real tree for every virtual one by show attendees. To keep up-to-date, visit the MIFF website (www.miff.com.my) to learn more of exhibitors, products and free shuttle service between venues and official hotels. To get latest news and insights, follow Furnish Now by MIFF (FB).  To contact the MIFF Team, email: info@miff.com.my. Notes to Editors About MIFF (www.miff.com.my) MIFF is the largest and leading export-oriented furniture trade show in Southeast Asia showcasing the widest collection of Made-in-Malaysia wooden furniture, home furniture and office furniture. Since 1995, MIFF is a one-stop platform connecting a wider community of 20,000+ buyers from 140 countries and regions. MIFF is organised by Informa Markets which is a part of Informa PLC, a leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B event organiser in the world.  

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Go to Barcelona again: Cloudsky X86 architecture Android cloud gaming solution was unveiled at MWC 2024

BARCELONA, Spain, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 26, the four-day Mobile World Congress (MWC2024) 2024 opened in Barcelona, Spain. Cloudsky is excited to be included again this year in the Intel's Converged Edge Media Platform demo at MWC 2024. The innovative Android Cloud Gaming solution from Cloudsky, optimized on Intel's Converged Edge Media Platform, is a great example of how orchestrated, cloud-native, cutting-edge media services can be deployed at the edge. Cloudsky X86 architecture Android cloud gaming solution was unveiled at MWC 2024 X86 based Android cloud gaming, industry technological innovation The technical values of cloud gaming, such as heterogeneous computing power, cloud computing, virtualization, real-time rendering, and low-latency networks, have been highly recognized and focused on by the industry, and cloud gaming plays an important role in promoting the prosperity of digital culture, the integration of data and reality, and the high-quality development of the digital economy. At present, the market generally adopts x86 and ARM based solution to support PC and mobile cloud gaming respectively, which will incur high infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance cost, as well as low computing resources utilization. Cloudsky's Android Cloud Gaming solution is developed based on x86 architecture and the Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series solution. Coupled with Intel® Bridge Technology, its industry-leading cloud gaming technology capabilities such as virtualization and containers, real-time rendering engine, video encoding, and low-latency streaming engine, enables X86 architecture to run containerized Android systems, revolutionizing the development of new technology. This solution has significant advantages of high performance and low TCO. In terms of performance, the solution is compatible with mainstream Android games on the market, with a single card supporting up to 68 channels of Android cloud games, with a quality of up to 1080P 60 frames, supporting game play anytime and anywhere as well as supporting web pages and mobile terminals without client-terminal limitations lowering the threshold for game playing. At the same time, the platform is more flexible and scalable, and consumes less energy. With a single server, it can increase game density, serve more users with a smaller data center footprint. Coupled with SW and HW integration and highly optimized network transmission technology, it further improves overall equipment and infrastructure cost. In addition, the platform is capable of running other media workload such as media transcoding simultaneously through on-demand scheduling meeting customer's expectation on optimized TCO and excellent user experience. Cloud Gaming Technology Innovation accelerates the expansion of visual computing applications development The innovative Android Cloud Gaming solution launched with Intel's cloud-native Converged Edge Media Platform not only reflects the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the promotion of innovative technologies and user experience improvement, but also represents an important innovation in the technical foundation of cloud gaming. Cloudsky self-develops customized ultra-high-performance GPU computing power servers as part of its one-stop cloud gaming PaaS solutions to support the latest high-end CPU and ultra-high-performance graphics and image rendering GPU on the market, which can be flexibly deployed and enables cluster-based management, intelligent scheduling, distributed processing, automatic operation and maintenance.. At the same time, the cloud gaming service platform supports PCs and mobile phones contents, enabling PC games, console games, mobile games and other game content under single architecture, which not only reduces the investment and operation and maintenance costs of cloud resource pool infrastructure, but also improves the efficiency of cloud computing resources utilization. "We are honored to participate with Intel to showcase our innovations to the world at this compelling show," said Crusoe Mao (Cloudsky Founder and CEO). "In the future, we will continue to explore ways to create a better cloud gaming experience for users and inject new vitality into the development of the global cloud gaming industry. " Emerging industries such as digital twins, digital humans, and digital cultural tourism under the concept of cloud gaming and the metaverse have many similarities in terms of underlying technologies, and cross-empowerment and deep integration can promote the expansion of low-latency visual computing business demand scenarios such as games, videos, graphics rendering, spatial computing. In the future, Cloudsky will continue to cooperate with the world's top technology companies to accelerate the construction of infrastructure in the field of visual computing, introduce more and richer low-latency application scenarios, bring more exciting and innovative experiences to users, and help promote the development of future industries.

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Human Capability Initiative (HCI) concluded today in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, bringing in a new era in global collaboration for human capability development. HCI was held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Human Capability Development Program (HCDP) Committee. This groundbreaking forum gathering over 10,000 registered participants from more than 100 countries has set a precedent for international efforts in harnessing human potential, culminating in over 50 strategic partnerships and launches. These collaborations, spanning diverse sectors from education to artificial intelligence, mark significant strides toward global human capability enhancement. Notable announcements include the Saudi Ministry of Education's educational visa program set to make Saudi Arabia a global learning hub for over 132,000 international students, researchers, and professors, aligning with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 aspirations to attract and retain worldwide talent. The Saudi Ministry of Education will also contribute to revolutionizing education in lower-income countries by officially joining the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) with a substantial $38 million contribution to equip young generations with the necessary skills for jobs of the future. As the Kingdom prioritizes the future readiness of Saudi students across all disciplines, the Saudi Ministry of Education has unveiled plans to elevate its Curriculum Development Center into a national autonomous entity under the direct supervision of the Minister of Education. This revamped Center will focus on strategic curriculum planning and development aligned with international best practices and emerging global trends, preparing future generations for success in an ever-evolving world. Further adding to the successes HCI has brought, groundbreaking education partnerships were struck between Saudi Arabia and some of the world's biggest sector leaders including Porsche, Hyundai, LinkedIn, and IE University, leveraging the power of international collaboration to accelerate human capability development at home and abroad. These initiatives, alongside others announced during the event, underscore HCI's role as an enabling platform for impactful collaboration and a necessary catalyst for future-ready human capability development across the globe. The conference featured a robust agenda, with over 100 insightful sessions led by global and local luminaries in government, industry, and academia including thoughtful future-facing discussions featuring Ministers of Education from around the world. Discussions spanned crucial topics such as the sustainability skill gap, job automation by AI, and the future of education and workforce adaptability, emphasizing the central role of human potential in addressing contemporary global challenges. The CEO of HCDP, Engineer Anas AlMudaifer, commented: "HCI has inspired collaboration among the brightest minds in the world to future-proof people. Thought provoking ideas shared at HCI have and the thought-provoking ideas shared, and impact-driven partnerships forged today have reaffirmed that commitment. Unlocking the full potential of humanity requires global collaboration, and Saudi Arabia, as a global convenor, is sparking dynamic dialogue through HCI. The huge success of HCI has energized the world of human capability development, serving as an inspirational platform for more knowledge and collaborations to come, and more importantly, demonstrated that together, we can truly unlock the full potential of our societies." Saudi Arabia is undergoing a profound transformation under Vision 2030 that aims to create opportunities for citizens, open the Kingdom to the world and diversify its economy. At the heart of Vision 2030 lies the people, who embody the ambition of Saudi transformation. This belief in people is the aspiration behind the hosting of Human Capability Initiative, sparking actions among changemakers in governments, private sector and non-profit organizations globally to invest in the most valuable resource of our society – the people. Contact: Tariq Al Qwaifel, +966 56 466 6669, media@humancapabilityinitiative.org 

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The 5-year, $150M competition with a $119M prize purse is designed to create new desalination solutions that increase access to clean water globally  ABU DHABI, UAE, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- XPRIZE, the world's leader in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions to solve humanity's grand challenges, today launches XPRIZE Water Scarcity. Made possible by a $150M investment from the Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative, this 5-year global competition, with a $119M total prize purse, is designed to drive widespread access to clean water by creating reliable, sustainable, and affordable seawater desalination solutions. Competing teams will aim to develop technologies that can responsibly expand access to the water contained in Earth's seas and oceans, positively impacting billions of people globally, and creating a world where clean water is more equitably available and sustainably abundant. Water is essential for life on Earth. 70% of our planet is covered in water, yet virtually everyone on Earth is experiencing some form of water stress; right now, only 0.5% of our planet's water is available to support 8 billion people. As our fresh water supplies are rapidly diminishing due to various factors, including climate change and the impact of agricultural and industrial uses, many major cities around the world are approaching "Day Zero," the day their water supply is estimated to run out. As a result, populations face threats of stricter water rationing, sanitation and hygiene issues, environmental and economic damage, and conflict for resources. With seas and oceans holding over 96% of Earth's water, seawater desalination has become an increasingly attractive option for providing reliable access to water for countries and communities around the world. However, current desalination technologies lack the efficiency, affordability, and sustainability to generate clean water at the scale that will be required to address rapidly rising water scarcity around the globe. Current desalination plants also predominantly operate using fossil fuels and water treatment materials that raise sustainability concerns, while water intake and brine output processes can have a negative impact on vulnerable marine ecosystems. "While a small number of countries are using advanced desalination solutions to supply their citizens with clean water, innovation in seawater desalination has been largely stagnant; current solutions remain too expensive and are not cost-effectively scalable to be able to meaningfully benefit the majority of the world," said Anousheh Ansari, chief executive officer, XPRIZE. "The world needs a cutting-edge breakthrough to make desalination a more cost-effective and sustainable solution that could be adopted more widely around the world, enabling people and the environment to prosper." His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative, said: "Increasing water scarcity is a growing threat to global security and prosperity that demands a decisive and coordinated response from the international community. The establishment of XPRIZE Water Scarcity is consistent with the ambition of the Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative to raise the importance of water scarcity on the global agenda and to help accelerate the development and deployment of transformative new solutions to this urgent challenge." XPRIZE Water Scarcity is the first competition of its kind focused on disrupting desalination systems at this scale. The prize incentivizes competing teams to create new solutions that are measurably more affordable, reliable, environmentally sustainable, and resilient in a changing climate than existing methods. Teams will rethink desalination systems, methods, and materials to find ways of providing more safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable water in support of fast-growing population centers and other communities around the world. "With global water demand projected to outstrip supply by 40% by 2030, the timeliness of this competition couldn't be more crucial. We're confident this prize will initiate a necessary step-change in desalination efforts to help address global water scarcity," said Lauren Greenlee, executive vice president of Food + Water + Waste, XPRIZE. "We know that breakthroughs can come from anywhere, and by focusing on system-level innovation and flexible criteria alongside exploration of novel materials, our goal is to broaden inputs from a wide variety of fields and evaluate all possible solutions." "Desalination is poised for enormous growth in the 21st century as communities, industries, and countries diversify their water supplies and make their water systems more resilient against climate change," said Dr. Peter S. Fiske, executive director, National Alliance for Water Innovation. "By attracting innovators from around the world to focus on making desalination more energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally beneficial, I am optimistic that XPRIZE Water Scarcity will lead to a burst of innovation and cost reduction for this critical technology." "Sustainable and affordable desalination systems are crucial as we work toward securing sources of freshwater worldwide to offset global water scarcity," said Shannon McCarthy, Secretary General, International Desalination and Reuse Association. "I'm confident the dynamic XPRIZE to address Water Scarcity will incentivize game-changing innovation in the desalination community and the breakthroughs we need to address the accelerating water challenges around the world, ensuring water for all." This multi-track competition centers around a core track to rethink the desalination system. The winning team will reliably and most sustainably generate one million liters of potable water per day (1,000 m3/d) from seawater at the lowest cost, below a target benchmark to ensure global accessibility, over the course of 1 year; sufficient to support 10,000 people (based on WHO Standards). The Novel Membrane Materials track will pursue the search for the perfect membrane to cut the cost of water production and increase reliability and sustainability, paving a future path to extend the lifetime of existing seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants. The title sponsor of XPRIZE Water Scarcity is the Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative, which is dedicated to raising awareness of water scarcity and increasing its prioritization on the international agenda while accelerating the development, testing and deployment at scale of transformative and sustainable technological solutions to this global challenge. Register to compete, learn more and get involved at xprize.org/water. About XPRIZE XPRIZE is an established global leader in designing, launching, and executing large-scale competitions to solve humanity's greatest challenges. Our unique model democratizes innovation by incentivizing crowd-sourced, scientifically viable solutions to create a more equitable and abundant future for all. Donate, learn more, or join a team at xprize.org.    About the Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative The Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative (MBZWI) is committed to driving coordinated action to address the growing threat of global water scarcity. Founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, MBZWI seeks to raise awareness of water scarcity and increase its prioritisation on the global agenda, while harnessing the power of targeted investment, accelerated technological innovation and expanded international cooperation to overcome this challenge for the benefit of current and future generations.  

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Pepsi ® takes over iconic global locations to unleash its new look as it rolls out first visual identity change in 14 years across 120 countries worldwide

Pepsi ® steps into a dynamic new era with a new look and  exciting culture-first experiences across sports and music PURCHASE, N.Y., March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Pepsi®'s new look takes flight worldwide, taking over iconic global locations as its first major global redesign in fourteen years was unleashed across over 120 markets. To mark the moment, digital installations – each featuring the re-designed and refreshed Pepsi® globe logo – rose above landmarks worldwide for a digital showcase of Pepsi®'s new visual identity in a blaze of pulsing electric blue and black, carrying the brand into its new era.   Pepsi In London, a Pepsi digital installation appeared beside The O2 arena in the east of the city, appropriate to the brand's long and storied support of international music acts. The view from the nearby cable cars saw an inflatable Pepsi can rise from the water, shortly followed by a light show of drones forming a pulsating dynamic composition in the sky. A hot air assembly, forming a giant Pepsi logo, took over skylines in Warsaw, Poland and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, each comprised of over 70 balloons. Elsewhere worldwide, Pepsi put on vast shows in AlUla in Saudi Arabia, on the Nile in Egypt and Ain Dubai, each harnessing innovative technology - giving consumers cutting-edge experiences to discover. Meanwhile, the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Pakistan saw a giant Pepsi can land mid-game, to the audible delight of the onlooking crowd. The new logo thoughtfully borrows equity from Pepsi's past whilst incorporating modern elements to create a look that is unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi. The updated color palette introduces electric blue and black to bring a contemporary edge to the classic Pepsi color scheme, whilst the signature Pepsi pulse evokes the "ripple, pop and fizz" of Pepsi-Cola – moving in time to the beat of the music, the roar of the crowd, the heartbeat of culture. The logo was first unveiled in the US and is now launching in over 120 countries worldwide through various consumer touchpoints - spanning digital, experiential and retail. Today's international takeover marks the first step in Pepsi's new, bold era across design, storytelling, and partnerships. Pepsi will continue to drive culture forward in 2024 by delivering one-of-a-kind experiences, all deeply connected to fan passions and desire to live "Thirsty for More", the brand's philosophy, which champions anyone who challenges conventions in pursuit of enjoyment, whilst celebrating people's thirst for the unexpected and eagerness to discover, experience and do more. Eric Melis, VP, Global Brand Marketing, Carbonated Soft Drinks at PepsiCo, said: "We wanted to show how Pepsi, through this visual identity change, brings to life its brand platform "Thirsty for More", which is the attitude and mindset our target audience has of always trying new things and living new experiences. What better way to showcase the brand's transformation than through these iconic installations. We've always been a bold brand that challenges conventions, challenges the status quo and always puts enjoyment first. Our new visual identity is bold, unapologetic, modern, and iconic. Our fans can expect the same great taste they've come to love with even more of the immersive and entertaining experiences we're known for across music, sport and culture. "People worldwide were asked to draw the Pepsi logo as part of the design process and the majority included the Pepsi name as part of our globe – remarkable given that the name and the globe have been separated for the past fourteen years. When we reviewed our new look, we responded to that deep love of our history and tapped into that nostalgia with a firmly modern twist." "We have an exciting 2024 ahead of us with our next stop bringing awe-inspiring entertainment to the UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show in June in Wembley AND MORE." Pepsi continues to move at the speed of culture, delivering on what people are thirsty for – innovative products and iconic collaborations. In 2024, fans globally can expect to see more from Pepsi's existing partnerships with ambassadors, including Baby Monster (Asia–Pacific), Uraz Kaygilaroglu (Turkey), G.E.M., Dylan Wang and Leo Wu (China). As a champion of those who like to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy more of what they really like, Pepsi fans across the globe are urged to keep their eyes peeled for more unforgettable experiences that will land later this year. About PepsiCo  PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP) generated more than $91 billion in net revenue in 2023, driven by a complementary beverage and convenient foods portfolio that includes Lay's, Doritos, Cheetos, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Quaker, and SodaStream. PepsiCo's product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including many iconic brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales. Guiding PepsiCo is our vision to Be the Global Leader in Beverages and Convenient Foods by Winning with pep+ (PepsiCo Positive). pep+ is our strategic end-to-end transformation that puts sustainability and human capital at the center of how we will create value and growth by operating within planetary boundaries and inspiring positive change for planet and people. For more information, visit www.pepsico.com, and follow on X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @PepsiCo. CONTACT: Jack Ashton, pepsigrand@hopeandglorypr.com  Video - https://mma.prnasia.com/media2/2351694/Pepsi_Sizzle.mp4

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Hengtong Appeared at MWC2024
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