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Cisco Reimagines Security for Data Centers and Clouds in Era of AI

Cisco Hypershield Brings Power of Hyperscaler Security and Connectivity to the Enterprise News Summary: Cisco is powering and protecting the engine of the AI revolution – AI-scale data centers and clouds – to make every application and device secure no matter how they are distributed or connected. In today's highly distributed world, the time from vulnerability to exploitation is shrinking - and defending against the increasingly sophisticated, complex threat landscape in data centers is beyond human scale. Cisco Hypershield allows customers to put security wherever they need to - in the cloud, in the data center, on a factory floor, or a hospital imaging room. With AI-native security, customers can autonomously segment their networks, benefit from distributed and almost instantaneous exploit protection without a patch, and experience self-qualifying software upgrades with zero downtime. SAN JOSE, Calif., April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), the leader in security and networking, today unveiled a radically new approach to securing data centers and clouds in response to the increasing demands the AI revolution has put on IT infrastructure. Cisco is rearchitecting how we harness and protect AI and other modern workloads with industry-first, Cisco Hypershield. With this unprecedented innovation, Cisco is tipping the scales in favor of defenders, building on its recent announcements to accelerate AI infrastructure with Cisco's ethernet switching, silicon and compute portfolio. Cisco unveiled a radically new approach to securing data centers and clouds in response to the increasing demands the AI revolution has put on IT infrastructure. Cisco Hypershield allows customers to put security wherever they need to. Cisco Hypershield protects applications, devices and data across public and private data centers, clouds and physical locations - anywhere customers need it. Designed and built with AI in mind from the start, Hypershield enables organizations to achieve security outcomes beyond what has been possible with humans alone. "Cisco Hypershield is one of the most significant security innovations in our history," said Chuck Robbins, Cisco Chair and CEO. "With our data advantage and strength in security, infrastructure and observability platforms, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help our customers harness the power of AI." Hypershield is a revolutionary new security architecture. It's built with technology originally developed for hyperscale public clouds and is now available for enterprise IT teams of all sizes. More a fabric than a fence, Hypershield enables security enforcement to be placed everywhere it needs to be. Every application service in the datacenter. Every Kubernetes cluster in the public cloud. Every container and virtual machine (VM). It can even turn every network port into a high-performance security enforcement point, bringing completely new security capabilities not just to clouds, but to the data center, on a factory floor, or a hospital imaging room. This new technology blocks application exploits in minutes and stops lateral movement in its tracks. "AI has the potential to empower the world's 8 billion people to have the same impact as 80 billion. With this abundance, we must reimagine the role of the data center – how data centers are connected, secured, operated and scaled," said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Security and Collaboration at Cisco. "The power of Cisco Hypershield is that it can put security anywhere you need it – in software, in a server, or in the future even in a network switch. When you have a distributed system that could include hundreds of thousands of enforcement points, simplified management is mission critical. And we need to be orders-of-magnitude more autonomous, at an orders-of-magnitude lower cost." Security enforcement with Hypershield happens at three different layers: in software, in virtual machines, and in network and compute servers and appliances, leveraging the same powerful hardware accelerators that are used extensively in high-performance computing and hyperscale public clouds. Hypershield was built on three key pillars: AI-Native: Built and designed from the start to be autonomous and predictive, Hypershield manages itself once it earns trust, making a hyper-distributed approach at scale possible. Cloud-Native: Hypershield is built on open source eBPF, the default mechanism for connecting and protecting cloud-native workloads in the hyperscale cloud. Cisco acquired the leading provider of eBPF for enterprises, Isovalent, earlier this month. Hyper-Distributed: Cisco is completely reimagining how traditional network security works by embedding advanced security controls into servers and the network fabric itself. Hypershield spans all clouds and leverages hardware acceleration like Data Processing Units (DPU) to analyze and respond to anomalies in application and network behavior. It shifts security closer to the workloads that need protection. Cisco, with its industry-leading expertise in networking, security and extensive partner ecosystem, together with NVIDIA, is committed to building and optimizing AI-native security solutions to protect and scale the data centers of tomorrow. This collaboration includes leveraging the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework for accelerated network anomaly detection, as well as NVIDIA NIM microservices for powering custom security AI assistants for the enterprise. NVIDIA's class of converged accelerators combine the power of GPU and DPU computing, to augment Cisco Hypershield with robust security from cloud to edge. "Enterprises across all industries are seeking the security that can protect them against ever expanding cyber threats," said Kevin Deierling, Senior Vice President of Networking at NVIDIA. "Together, Cisco and NVIDIA are leveraging the power of AI to deliver powerful, incredibly secure data center infrastructure that will enable enterprises to transform their businesses and benefit customers everywhere." As a revolutionary new security architecture, Hypershield is solving three key customer challenges in defending against today's sophisticated threat landscape: Distributed Exploit Protection: Attackers are adept at weaponizing newly published vulnerabilities faster than defenders can patch. With defenders seeing nearly 100 new vulnerabilities every day, according to Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence, this can lead to catastrophic results. Hypershield delivers protection in minutes by automatically testing and deploying compensating controls into the distributed fabric of enforcement points. Autonomous Segmentation: Once an attacker is in the network, segmentation is key to stopping their lateral movement. Hypershield perpetually observes, auto-reasons and re-evaluates existing policies to autonomously segment the network, solving this in large and complex environments. Self-qualifying Upgrades: Hypershield automates the incredibly laborious and time-consuming process of testing and deploying upgrades once they are ready, leveraging a dual data plane. This completely new software architecture allows software upgrades and policy changes to be placed in a digital twin that tests updates using the customer's unique combination of traffic, policies and features, then applying those updates with zero downtime. Built into the Security Cloud, Cisco's unified, AI-driven, cross-domain security platform, Cisco Hypershield is expected to be Generally Available in August 2024. With Cisco's recent acquisition of Splunk, customers will gain unparalleled visibility and insights across their entire digital footprint for unprecedented security protection. "AI is not just a force for good but also a tool used for nefarious purposes, allowing hackers to reverse engineer patches and create exploits in record time. Cisco looks to address an AI enabled problem with an AI solution as Cisco Hypershield aims to tip the scales back in favor of the defender by shielding new vulnerabilities against exploit in minutes - rather than the days, weeks or even months as we wait for patches to actually get deployed," said Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust at IDC. "With the number of vulnerabilities ever increasing and the time for attackers to exploit them at scale ever decreasing, it's clear that patching alone can't keep up. Tools like Hypershield are necessary to combat an increasingly clever malicious cyber adversary." "Cisco Hypershield takes aim at the complex security challenges of modern, AI-scale data centers. Cisco's vision of a self-managing fabric that seamlessly integrates from the network to the endpoint will help redefine what's possible for security at scale," said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst of ZK Research. "For instance, this level of visibility and control across a hyper-distributed environment prevents lateral movement of attackers, enabled through a unique approach to segmentation that's autonomous and highly effective. While this may seem fantastical, the time is right given recent AI advances combined with the maturity of cloud-native technologies like eBPF." "At AHEAD we believe cybersecurity should be integrated into everything we do. Bolted-on security is more expensive and less effective," said Steven Aiello, Field Chief Information Security Officer at AHEAD. "Cisco Hypershield ensures that cyber protections are included into the fabric of the enterprise. Distributed Exploit Protection will be a massive win for blue teams - legacy synthetic patching was primarily limited to edge devices, allowing lateral movement once an attacker breached the perimeter. It's a great day for cyber-defenders!" Cisco protects 100 percent of the Fortune 100. To learn more, visit cisco.com/go/hypershield. Additional Resources Blog: Cisco Hypershield: Security Reimagined - hyper-distributed security for the AI-scale data center Video: Cisco Hypershield: Reimagining security at AI-scale B-roll: Soundbites from Cisco News Release: Cisco and NVIDIA to Help Enterprises Quickly and Easily Deploy and Manage Secure AI Infrastructure About Cisco Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that securely connects everything to make anything possible. Our purpose is to power an inclusive future for all by helping our customers reimagine their applications, power hybrid work, secure their enterprise, transform their infrastructure, and meet their sustainability goals. Discover more on The Newsroom and follow us on X at @Cisco.  Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. A listing of Cisco's trademarks can be found at www.cisco.com/go/trademarks. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.  

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Timekettle Announces Major Software Update, Launching AI Translation Lab

SHENZHEN, China, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Timekettle, a fast-growing cross-language communication solutions innovator, has announced a significant software update with the launch of the AI Translation Lab, which will serve as a new platform to rapidly introduce cutting-edge technological features while gathering immediate user feedback to avoid releasing underdeveloped functionalities. AI Translation Lab in Apple App The AI Translation Lab represents a major advancement in rendering digital communication more personal, accurate, and educational across various languages. It introduces a range of key features aimed at greatly enhancing the accuracy and fluidity of translations. Understanding the importance of accurate translations for proper nouns and specialized terms in everyday conversations, the AI Translation Lab features the Custom Lexicon, which allows users to create their own terms linked to specific translations, ensuring precision every time. As users add more terms over time, they will notice increasingly accurate translations with these personalized glossaries. In an effort to counteract the mechanical feel of conventional translation tools, the AI Translation Lab has enhanced its voice feature to incorporate options that emulate human-like tonality with subtle emotional nuances. Users now have the liberty to select between male and female voices, ensuring a more organic auditory experience without sacrificing efficiency. Customized for individuals grappling with practical language obstacles such as immigrants or international business personnel, the AI Language Tutor harnesses sophisticated AI technology to facilitate interactive learning experiences, with a focus on enhancing fluency and pronunciation. By integrating the AI Language Tutor into their ecosystem, Timekettle is not merely dismantling communication barriers, but also equipping users with the requisite skills for real-world interactions. At present, Timekettle's AI Translation Lab supports Chinese, English, and Spanish languages. As part of its ongoing commitment to making the world more interconnected, Timekettle is dedicated to adding more languages in upcoming updates, aligning with its goal of creating a world where people can easily communicate in their native language. In today's globalized world, the technologies and devices provided by Timekettle are becoming essential not just for travelers but also for international businesses that need clear communication without the setbacks of delays or errors due to poor translations. The creation of the AI Translation Lab highlights Timekettle's dedication to developing technologies that respond to what users actually want. Opening a door for users to evolve from simply using the technologies and devices to actively contributing to shaping our future, Timekettle invites global users to explore its AI Translation Lab, discover the latest offerings, share feedback instantly, and join the brand in breaking down language barriers through innovative technology. About Timekettle Established in 2016, Timekettle is an industry-leading and award-winning provider of cross-language communication solutions. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Timekettle also operates a customer center in Los Angeles, United States. Its exceptional products have been recognized with numerous international accolades, including the CES Innovation Award, iF Design Award, and Japan Good Design Award. For further information, please visit https://www.timekettle.co/

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Nissan Formula E, 2nd Place on the Podium at Tokyo Home Race.

Digest movie now available for "VOICE CHARGE", a project to directly connect fans and Nissan Formula E team by turning fan cheers into electricity. YOKOHAMA, Japan, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. provided the Nissan Formula E Team, which participated in the Formula E Tokyo E-Prix on 30 March 2024 (the first ever held in Japan), with energy generated by "VOICE CHARGE", a disruptive new project bringing a new form of 'fan support' to the world. Nissan Formula E, 2nd Place on the Podium at Tokyo Home Race. VOICE CHARGE uses a device that converts the voices of supporters emitted into a microphone to electricity. Since installation on 7 March 2024 at NISSAN CROSSING (Nissan's brand center in Ginza, Tokyo) many people from Japan and abroad have voiced their support. These messages and energy were delivered to the Nissan Formula E Team. As a result, Oliver Rowland qualified on pole position and finished on the podium in second place, while Sacha Fenestraz started the race in 20th place and ultimately came home in 11th place. The digest film released today shows how these messages and the electricity charged by fan cheers were delivered to the Nissan Formula E Team and how their energy sustained the team and made the race so much fun. With more ABB FIA Formula E World Championships planned across the world, VOICE CHARGE will remain installed at NISSAN CROSSING until Wednesday 24 April 2024. Drivers' Comments: "I'm really happy with the performance and the result this weekend, to take our second pole of the season and third podium in a row is amazing, especially to do it at our home event. The car was great, we knew we had the pace, especially in qualifying. The track was awesome, a big challenge for the drivers and I really enjoyed being out there. It was also amazing to have so much support here, so a big thanks to the Japanese fans for cheering us on!"(Oliver Rowland)  "Overall, it was a great event, the track was very cool and fans showing us their support was truly fantastic. Congrats to Oli on another podium and hopefully next time I can join him up there!" (Sacha Fenestraz). YouTubehttps://youtu.be/Nlo52B5ODTg?si=xzGRPa8RgPFAlqzt 

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Security risks from IT/OT convergence threaten North Asia's Industry 4.0 ambitions

2024 will see 50 per cent of Operational Technology (OT) systems connected to corporate IT systems in North Asia, up from 38 per cent in 2023. Only 13 per cent surveyed are at an advanced level of readiness to deal with IT/OT security, with 60 per cent at basic level. 73 per cent of organisations say they're planning to fully or partially outsource IT/OT security to a third party. HONG KONG, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Telstra International, the global arm of leading telecommunications and technology company Telstra, has revealed that low levels of security maturity in operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) across North Asia could put businesses who are rapidly adopting the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies at major risk, according to Telstra's "Securing Industry 4.0: The Challenges and Opportunities of IT/OT Convergence" study. Telstra International commissioned technology research company Omdia to evaluate the state of OT and IT convergence in North Asia, assessing maturity, benefits and opportunities. The study of 250 business and technology leaders in the mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan region, found only 13 per cent of businesses are at an advanced level of readiness to deal with IT/OT security, with most businesses (60 per cent) only at basic level. In the race to Industry 4.0*, digital and data-centric businesses are flocking to technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and big data to accelerate digital transformation. This is fuelling the integration of previously separate functions across OT and IT, to streamline and enable data flow for industrial operations in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, retail/wholesale, transport, logistics and shipping. With 85 percent of businesses expecting benefits from IT/OT convergence, the rush to integrate is accelerating. The coming year will see 50 per cent of OT systems to be connected to corporate IT systems. This is up from 38 per cent last year, while 76 per cent of North Asia businesses have already digitised some existing manual processes.  "As businesses rush headlong into a digital-first era of new technologies, they face heightened cybersecurity risks arising from an accelerated convergence of IT and OT systems. The race to integrate previously unconnected systems is exposing significant operational siloes and significant gaps in the ability to mitigate the emerging cybersecurity risks. Companies pursuing IT/OT integration must find the people, partners, skills and technology to pave a secure path to success," said Paul Abfalter, Head of North Asia, Telstra. IT/OT security a different beast While there are many benefits of IT and OT convergence, businesses are grappling with several major barriers to successful implementation. One glaring capabilities gap is the need for specialised skills that cover both IT and OT security as threats to IT systems are now directly impacting OT systems. The Telstra-Omdia study reveals that 88 per cent of organisations have had to manage a security incident that had a direct impact on OT production environments, while 74 per cent of attacks affecting critical infrastructure operations can be traced back to corporate IT systems. Interestingly, only 26 per cent of today's attacks tracked back to OT systems. Such systems have traditionally not been connected to the Internet and therefore potentially pose an event greater risk from a cybersecurity perspective. The emergence of this new risk vector is causing 73 per cent of organisations to say they plan to fully or partially outsource IT/OT security to a third party. "Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in accessing unencrypted or unsecured IoT devices to exploit commercially sensitive data or traverse across devices into other systems. This can disrupt operations and cause significant financial damage to organisations," said Adam Etherington, Senior Principal Analyst for Digital Enterprise Services at Omdia. Etherington continued, "Today's heightened cyber risks create reactive spending on cyber tools and services, but these can add even further complexity and risks. Addressing the IT/OT security challenge requires a single pane of glass to gain visibility across the new converged infrastructure of Industry 4.0 businesses, but gaining visibility is just the first step to identifying, responding and protecting against such threats. Holistic strategy, industry frameworks and expert partners will all be key to solving this critical challenge." North Asia maturity levels below par Common IT/OT convergence activities include unifying production infrastructure, sensors, and physical systems within data centres, digital platforms, and networks. Many of these stem from IoT implementations, with mainland China and Korea the largest adopters of IoT today in Asia, according to IDC. While mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore are also the three fastest growing markets. Less than half (44 per cent) of North Asia businesses surveyed have reached "operational" or "advanced" maturity levels in securing OT. The study highlights that South Korea and Hong Kong are relatively more mature in IT/OT cybersecurity than the rest of North Asia – registering 52 per cent and 45 per cent of firms reaching "operational" or "advanced" maturity (see below figure). But similarities between locations underscores an overall lack of preparedness that cybersecurity executives must address. From an industry perspective, manufacturing was found to be the least prepared of all sectors with only 38 per cent in the region saying they had reached "operational" or "advanced" maturity. This should not be a surprise with the historic heavy emphasis on manual processes and manual labour in many manufacturing operations leading to a lack of integration across operations and slow adoption of digital technologies compared to other industries. This past reluctance to adopt technology is now a major driver for the accelerated push for industry 4.0 adoption and sector-wise transformation. For more details, please click on the link below to download the research report:click here for full report * Industry 4.0 encapsulates strategically leveraging advanced technologies, like cloud, AI, IoT and others, and new business models in harmony with legacy systems to optimise scale, resilience, and efficiency in critical infrastructure sectors at levels beyond historical precedents for commercial success. About Telstra International Telstra is a leading telecommunications and technology company with a proudly Australian heritage and a longstanding, growing international business. Today, Telstra International has over 3,200 employees based in more than 30 countries outside of Australia, providing services to thousands of business, government, carrier, and OTT customers.  Over several decades we have established the largest wholly owned subsea cable network in the Asia-Pacific, with a unique and diverse set of infrastructure that offers access to the most intra-Asia lit capacity.  We empower businesses with innovative technology solutions including data and IP networks, and network application services such as managed networks, security, unified communications, cloud, industry solutions, integrated software applications and services. These services are underpinned by our subsea cable network, with licences in Asia, Europe and the Americas and access to more than 2,000 Points of Presences (PoPs) in more than 200 countries and territories globally.  In July 2022 Telstra completed the acquisition of Digicel Pacific, the largest mobile operator in the South Pacific region.  For more information, please visit https://www.telstrainternational.com/en

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Fujitsu and Oracle Collaborate to Deliver Sovereign Cloud and AI Capabilities in Japan

Fujitsu to deploy Oracle Alloy as part of its hybrid IT solutions KAWASAKI, Japan and TOKYO, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Fujitsu Limited and Oracle are collaborating to deliver sovereign cloud and AI capabilities that help address the digital sovereignty requirements of Japanese businesses and the public sector. With Oracle Alloy, Fujitsu will expand its Hybrid IT offerings for Fujitsu Uvance, which helps customers grow their businesses and solve societal issues. Fujitsu will be able to operate Oracle Alloy independently in its data centers in Japan with additional control over its operations. Fujitsu will deploy Oracle Alloy, a cloud infrastructure platform that provides more than 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, including generative AI, as part of its Fujitsu Uvance Hybrid IT portfolio, which supports customers with on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. This will enable businesses and the public sector to utilize sovereign cloud infrastructure and sovereign AI directly from data centers operated by Fujitsu in Japan. Oracle is a leading hyperscaler capable of delivering AI and a full suite of 100+ cloud services locally, anywhere. Based on the knowledge accumulated through use cases in the Japanese market, Fujitsu will actively consider expanding Oracle Alloy to other markets.  Kazushi Koga, SEVP, Fujitsu Ltd., said, "Fujitsu has been working with partners who have strengths in their respective fields to solve customers' challenges as part of its Fujitsu Uvance Hybrid IT offerings. Our collaboration with Oracle positions us to deliver a sovereign cloud offering that enables hyperscale functionality and digital sovereignty capabilities while ensuring operational governance by Fujitsu." Scott Twaddle, senior vice president, Product and Industries, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said, "With Oracle Alloy we will be bringing our best cloud technologies to help Fujitsu's customers transform and modernize their businesses and society. Fujitsu's sovereign cloud approach in Japan is a testament to their forward-looking technology strategy. We look forward to continuing to partner with Fujitsu to bring cloud services to more customers around the world."  Toshimitsu Misawa, member of the board, corporate executive officer and president, Oracle Japan, said, "This strategic collaboration with Fujitsu is an important step forward in delivering a cloud that addresses the digital sovereignty requirements of Japanese businesses and the public sector. Fujitsu and Oracle will continue to promote the use of cutting-edge cloud technologies, including sovereign AI, to help customers improve the resilience of their mission-critical operations." The collaboration will: Enable Oracle Database users to leverage the cloud: Customers with large, sensitive, mission-critical database systems will be able to move to the cloud while ensuring the same level of operability as with their on-premises environment. Support safe and secure data management and cloud usage: Fujitsu will deploy and operate Oracle Alloy in its data centers in Japan. This will provide a sovereign cloud environment for businesses and the public sector to help ensure digital sovereignty and operational transparency. Centralize operations and security policies across on-premises and hyperscaler environments: Fujitsu provides operational consulting services and Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service across cloud service providers' cloud environments, including Oracle Alloy. Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service provides comprehensive support tailored to customers' business needs and enables centralization of operations and security policies across on-premises and hyperscaler cloud environments. Deliver superior customer experiences: Fujitsu will be able to control updates and patch its cloud environment according to each customer's needs. This level of control gives Fujitsu the ability to prevent system outages caused by automatic updates. About FujitsuFujitsu's purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. As the digital transformation partner of choice for customers in over 100 countries, our 124,000 employees work to resolve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Our range of services and solutions draw on five key technologies: Computing, Networks, AI, Data & Security, and Converging Technologies, which we bring together to deliver sustainability transformation. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 3.7 trillion yen (US$28 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 and remains the top digital services company in Japan by market share. Find out more: www.fujitsu.com. About OracleOracle offers integrated suites of applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), please visit us at www.oracle.com. TrademarksOracle, Java, MySQL and NetSuite are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation. NetSuite was the first cloud company—ushering in the new era of cloud computing.

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DataTracks Celebrates Completion of 19 Years

SINGAPORE, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- DataTracks, a provider of cloud-based software to automate/generate compliance reports for filing with financial/security regulators to more than 28,000 business enterprises in 26 countries, celebrates the completion of 19 years of service and innovation.  Founded with a vision to make regulatory compliance "accurate, reliable, timely, and easy", DataTracks has grown into a leading name in the industry, worldwide with cutting edge software that incorporates "artificial intelligence" aided features to reduce "time to prepare" and improve "accuracy". Decades of Dedication and Expertise Over nearly two decades, DataTracks has achieved significant growth, with its software delivering more than 400,000 reports, showcasing its pivotal role in regulatory reporting. The software and service address regulations across diverse jurisdictions, including SEC in the USA, HMRC and FCA in the UK, Revenue in Ireland, CIPC in South Africa, ACRA in Singapore, MCA in India, SSM in Malaysia and ESMA, EBA, and EIOPA in Europe.  DataTracks distinguishes itself in the industry (a) with its global footprint (preferred by business enterprises whose regulatory obligations are spread across multiple jurisdictions) (b) with its state-of-the art software that incorporates "AI/ML" features and (c) with its credentials for information security (including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications) Addressing the employees and spouses in a town hall meeting to celebrate the event, Vinod P John, President of DataTracks said: "We are happy to start our 20th year in the industry. I have to thank the 28,000 clients who trust us and the several hundred employees who developed our software and who helped customers (and our internal team) prepare compliance reports for reaching this milestone.  We've always believed in leveraging technology to make regulatory compliance as easy, quick, timely, and accurate as possible for our clients.  Our continuous investment in AI and machine learning is a testament to this belief, and it's what keeps us at the forefront of the industry." Looking ahead, DataTracks is ready to address upcoming mandates such as the DATA Act and FTA in the US as well as the MBRS/XBRL mandate by SSM in Malaysia. About DataTracks DataTracks is a Singapore-based globally renowned leader in providing cloud-based regulatory compliance software for self-use and "black box services" using the same software, catering to 28,000 clients across 26 countries. In 19 years DataTracks has helped its client enterprises prepare more than 400,000 compliance reports for filing with financial/security regulators in several jurisdictions. Financial analysts have rated the quality of reports generated using DataTracks as top of industry for quality; significantly above that of several of its competitors.  For further information, visit www.datatracks.com. For Business Enquiries: Email: enquiry@datatracks.com; Phone: Singapore: +6531582850, US: +1(646)9048324, UK: +44(0)2036088035 Media Contact: mediarelations@datatracks.com   

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