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The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) Thailand emphasized "Open Data" are Anti-Corruption Weaponry in Digital Age

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach - 14 June 2023 - Mr. Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, secretary-general of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), delivered a lecture on "Open Data: Anti-Corruption Weaponry in Digital Age" at the PPTV FORUM 2023, on May 25, 2023. Taking up the theme of Open Government: Game Changer in Fight against Corruption, the event was held at Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok. Kasemmongkol said that the promotion of transparency and open government data are the core of good governance or good public management. Both the United Nations and the World Bank have recognized this promotion as key to successful development efforts in many nations around the world. Such principles are also enshrined in Sections 76 and 164 of Thailand's Constitution. Section 76 stipulates that the state must promote the development of morality and transparency in accordance with the principles of good public management among all types of state organizations so as to deliver maximum benefits to people via state functions and services that uphold equality, quality, efficiency and transparency. People therefore are direct beneficiaries. Section 164, meanwhile, states that the government must ensure and arrange for good public management. Therefore, the promotion of transparency via open government data and ethical state operations have had utmost importance. Good governance or good public management has six pillars namely 1) Rule of Law; 2) Transparency & Data Disclosure that is being discussed today; 3) Morality; 4) Public Participation in State Operations; 5) Responsibility; and 6) Cost-efficient & Time-Efficient State Operations. Regarding the NACC Board's and the government's policies on the promotion of good governance and anti-corruption in the public sector, multidimensional guidelines have been laid down as follows: 1. The promotion is enshrined in the constitution; 2. The promotion is enshrined in the Anti-Corruption Act and many laws on the administration of state affairs; and 3. The promotion is a part of national strategies, master plans, and action plans of each government agency. The NACC Board and the government have issued many measures to enhance the integrity of state officials. Nowadays, state officials' corruption risk is significantly lower than in the past. Even if corrupt practices are undetected in the beginning, investigations can be launched retroactively. One of the anti-corruption measures used by the NACC and the government is the promotion of transparency. There are many tools for the promotion such as information laws and legislations that upgrade digital-government operations. Kasemmongkol said that people needed to physically go to government agencies to receive their services in the past. Officials also had the right to call in people and have face-to-face meetings involved talks. Negotiations for bribes may emerge during such meetings. So, if our bureaucratic system has reduced face-to-face meetings between people and state officials, or if we use other means of contacts, the risk of bribery talks will be lower. The new way of contacts can also save state budget as well as people's money. Several countries have already developed digital systems to facilitate state operations or digitalized state services. The development of digital-government operations starts by integrating systems for enhanced efficiency or service delivery in the way that reduces the exercising of state officials' judgements, curbs the risk of corruption, and promotes greater government-data disclosure for better transparency. The NACC, in collaboration with the government, has already pushed for several relevant laws for the development of state operations and good governance. Moreover, the NACC has launched the Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) as a key tool. On laws related to the promotion of transparency and good governance in the public sector, the Act on Management of State Affairs by Electronic Means B.E. 2565 stipulates that to seek an approval, a permit, a tax refund, a certificate, a registration, a construction permit or the likes, people no longer have to queue up physically at government agencies. They can just file requests electronically. After this act came into force and related systems sprang into operations, people can just contact authorities online. They do not have to travel to government agencies. Such approach saves people's time in contacting government agencies. There is no need for face-to-face contact, which may lead to negotiations for bribes. Several other laws have also been introduced to increase bureaucracy's efficiency and to prevent bribery. For example, the Licensing Facilitation Act B.E. 2558 requires that each government agency specify clearly how long it will take to respond to each request. In the past, people had waited really long to get response because there was no clear timeframe. Traders, entrepreneurs, and people who wanted fast results thus ended up paying bribes to shorten the period of government agency's request review. However, with the Licensing Facilitation Act in place, agencies of all ministries and departments must release a manual detailing how long it will take for them to complete each task. If they fail to comply with the timeframe, a person contacting them may file a complaint. This is just one of many laws that country have introduced to curb corruption risks. Regarding the promotion of open data, the NACC Board and the government have worked together in preparing several measures. One of them is ITA. Everyone wants to see transparency in the public sector and comprehensive data disclosure so, currently basic data that are useful to both the people's sector and the private sector; government agencies' performance data, and importantly data related to budgets and procurements are open data that all government agencies must release to the public. They must be held accountable and ready to provide explanations to the public. Such data had not been treated as the government's confidential information anymore. The principles behind such data disclosure have applied to NACC's ITA model. All government agencies therefore have to embrace these principles as they seek to comply with ITA criteria. Kasemmongkol thought that many of people must be quite familiar with ITA and that some of them may have doubts or misunderstandings about it. Therefore, he provided clarification about ITA and its objectives. He said ITA is not mainly designed as an assessment of corrupt practices. In essence, it is about assessing good governance in regard to management and tools used for the implementation of anti-corruption projects / activities. It is therefore a tool for state agencies to improve their operations or e-services, and importantly to disclose data in line with laws and strategies, paving the way for these agencies to have good governance and lower corruption or abuse-of-authority risks. Based on its indicators and assessment topics, ITA gives 95 points to the management and implementation of projects / activities and five points to the awareness of corruption issues among personnel. To make it easier to understand, he compared ITA to a basic health check. With this check, we will be able to identify abnormalities in one's body or if any body function is below standard. Upon learning about the abnormalities or the function that fails to meet proper standard, patients need to adjust their behaviors. He emphasized that ITA is not a medicine. It cannot provide recovery. But patients can recover or regain good health, if they change their behaviors (for example by improving their operations and management). Family members must also help by creating a proper environment (for example by issuing supportive legal measures and state supervision). If patients follow such guidelines, they can become stronger. But if they do not change or ignore problems, cancer may develop. In the end, their illness may worsen to the point of a crisis and the NACC will have to use legal actions to remove those cancerous problems. Kasemmongkol said that during the past many years, changes have been happening with the digitalization of state operations. Data disclosure has increased in a tangible manner in compliance with laws. Here are some tangible examples of open-data changes and digital public services. Significant Changes Related to OIT (Open Data Integrity) Indicators No. of agencies Increase from 2020 2020 2021 2022 Disclosure of contact information 4,664 6,804 7,990 3,326 Online Q&A channels 6,054 7,282 7,867 1,813 Disclosure of annual work plan 5,542 7,314 7,876 2,334 Development of E-Service 1,522 4,330 6,935 5,413 Disclosure of annual expenditure plan 4,272 6,527 7,485 3,213 Biannual disclosure of budget disbursement data 4,093 6,075 7,022 2,929 Disclosure of procurement plans 5,196 6,735 7,325 2,129 Monthly disclosure of procurement results 4,086 5,438 6,759 2,673 The NACC Board and the government have used the aforementioned measures and framework to improve state operations and deter state officials' wayward behaviors. If all sides have followed these measures and framework on a continual basis, all civil servants and state officials will become familiar with such practices. Over time, their conscience and attitude will change in line with such standards. They will behave accordingly, regardless of these measures and framework. Civil servants and state officials will in the end be accustomed to serving people, ensuring public convenience, and refraining from corruption or abuse of authority. Hashtag: #NACChttps://web.facebook.com/NACCThailandOfficialFanpageThe issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is a constitutional independent organization and supervised by nine commissioners selected from various professions. It is authorized to undertake work on the prevention and suppression of malfeasance, particularly in government agencies, on assets investigations, as well as on the monitoring of ethics and virtues of political position holders. It has the authority to file charges in court as well as support and build up awareness of the penalties for committing corruption. The NACC is supervised by the NACC Board and has the Office of the NACC as its administrative agency. Since 1997, Thai Courts have ruled against and punished politicians, former ministers, high-ranking government officials as well as executives of the private sector in the thousands of cases submitted by the NACC.

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Haikenen? Aineken? Heineken®? Spelling it correctly won’t create good times, but the world’s most international beer brand knows what can

Heineken® is marking its 150th Anniversary with an unconventional celebration that prioritises good times over getting it right Haikenen? Aineken? Heineken®? Spelling it correctly won’t create good times, but the world’s most international beer brand knows what can. Heineken® is marking its 150th Anniversary with an unconventional celebration that prioritises good times over getting it right. Haikenen? Aineken? Heineken®? Spelling it correctly won’t create good times, but the world’s most international beer brand knows what can. Heineken® is marking its 150th Anniversary with an unconventional celebration that prioritises good times over getting it right. Haikenen? Aineken? Heineken®? Can you spot the difference? No, this isn’t a typo… Heineken is misspelt on the truck exteriors to reflect the brand's 150th anniversary campaign, which celebrates all of its common spelling mistakes and colloquial nicknames globally.   AMSTERDAM, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Heineken®, one of the world’s most recognised beer brands, is today marking its 150th anniversary with an unconventional celebration of the many ways the brand has been nicknamed, misspelled or mis-served over the years, all to showcase how good times and sparking true connections over a beer are, in the end, what matters most. Freddy Heineken’s famous words “I don’t sell beer, I sell gezelligheid” have never rung so true. “Gezelligheid” translated is that feeling of good times, something that has been at the heart of the Heineken® brand for the last 150 years. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Heineken® is putting good times front and centre of its global birthday festivities. Of course, good times have changed over the 150 years of Heineken®’s existence and will continue to do so, but their importance in people’s lives have not. Recognising this and as part of the anniversary celebration, the Heineken® brand has worked with academics to better understand the ingredients that are needed to deliver that feeling of “good times” in the modern day; a surprisingly under-studied human need. Marking a turning point in the brand’s history, Heineken® has decided to evolve the way it measures success – focusing not just on the volume of beer it sells but also the good times it delivers for its customers in over 190 countries.   To do this, Heineken® has collaborated with behavioural scientist Dr Chris Brauer, Goldsmiths, University of London, to create the 'Good Times Index', a new brand measurement model which will score the brand’s contribution to creating the perfect conditions for good times. Through human behavioural research, the index has identified five core conditions that people universally need to experience good times, including open-mindedness, inclusivity, and human connection:       With the Good Times Index in place, Heineken® is staying true to its vision by becoming the first beer brand to officially have “delivering good times” as part of the way it measures its annual performance – alongside sales and other brand tracking metrics.  Bram Westenbrink, Global Head, Heineken® Brand, said: “Brewing good times has been in our DNA for 150 years. That is why we are evolving our brand metrics to show that creating good times is equally as important as the beer we produce. By better understanding the conditions behind good times in today’s world, we can continue to create experiences for all our global customers that promote that feeling of gezelligheid – whether that is through the messages in our advertising, our sponsorships and events or of course our range of products including our non-alcoholic Heineken® 0.0 or our more modern flavoured Heineken® Silver. It is our goal that we will continue to deliver good times, one way or another, for the next 150 years and beyond.”  Dr Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London, said: “When we came to this project, we recognised that the understanding of what makes a good time, required a new and fresher perspective. Together with Heineken®, we have worked to better understand the multiple dimensions that make up that feeling of “Good Times”, and the ways in which it is experienced today. Good times are not just one thing or another, they are a multitude of different and subjective feelings, experiences, wants and needs that help generate a sensation and fulfil higher order needs. There has never been a more important time or opportunity to measure the role and prevalence of good times in our lives, so I’m excited to see a brand like Heineken® take serious steps to ensure that they are better understanding and enabling that feeling of “gezelligheid”.” RESEARCH UNDERSTANDING ‘GOOD TIMES’ AROUND THE WORLD Heineken’s® inaugural results from the Good Times Index comes at an important moment socially around the world, as 87% of consumers believe it is more important now than ever for them to have a good time. But one thing that is consistent, is that good times are best enjoyed together. Additional consumer research from Heineken® shows that 82% care more about being with friends than if their night goes to plan. Surprisingly, 75% of respondents believe that the people you watch a sport match with is more important than if your team wins. Despite the fact 87% of respondents believe opportunities to connect in person with loved ones have become even more important since the pandemic, over half (61%) agreed that given the current economic climate, they would be more likely to work overtime and sacrifice social moments with friends and family. Nevertheless, many remain open-minded about good times ahead, with the vast majority (88%) agreeing their best memories come from unexpected moments. This open-mindedness follows through into the ways we socialise, as 78% agree it is important to socialise with people that don’t always share the same views as them – a sentiment most strongly held in Brazil (84%) and the UK (81%). HEINEKEN® ACTIVITY CELEBRATING H150 To help bring the brand’s commitment to good times to life, the anniversary’s tongue-in-cheek ATL campaign takes viewers on a journey around the globe to embrace all the different ways people adapt and enjoy social moments and memories with Heineken® - ranging from an incorrectly spelt tattoo of the logo to a Heineken® Original being served with a lime, straw and ice. The light-hearted video sees the brewer celebrate the good times it provides – even if the way consumers spell or enjoy it isn’t 100% correct or as originally intended.    To further poke fun at itself, Heineken® will replace its logo with a number of alternative spellings it has seen over the years, appearing across all of Heineken’s® social media accounts and website pages, as well as on several new electric lorries.   The full video, developed by creative agency Le Pub Milan is available to watch online: HERE.  Editorial information: Please find the high-resolution campaign images of the collaboration and campaign here. For more information, please contact: hnknbrand@edelman.com or +447580979333. About HEINEKEN: HEINEKEN is the world's most international brewer. It is the leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands. Led by the Heineken® brand, the Group has a portfolio of more than 300 international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders. We are committed to innovation, long-term brand investment, disciplined sales execution, and focused cost management. Through "Brewing a Better World", sustainability is embedded in the business. HEINEKEN has a well-balanced geographic footprint with leadership positions in both developed and developing markets. We employ over 85,000 employees and operate breweries, malteries, cider plants and other production facilities in more than 70 countries. Heineken N.V. and Heineken Holding N.V. shares trade on the Euronext in Amsterdam. Prices for the ordinary shares may be accessed on Bloomberg under the symbols HEIA NA and HEIO NA and on Reuters under HEIN.AS and HEIO.AS. HEINEKEN has two sponsored level 1 American Depositary Receipt (ADR) programmes: Heineken N.V. (OTCQX: HEINY) and Heineken Holding N.V. (OTCQX: HKHHY). Most recent information is available on HEINEKEN's website: www.theHEINEKENcompany.com and follow us on Twitter via @HEINEKENCorp. Photos accompanying this announcement are available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/d1e42fe2-94d7-4137-bdb0-866b4a6fea23 https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/155922eb-bea4-402f-9e2b-01709537630d https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/e5890685-6de4-4f50-97e0-18df342c03d9 The photos are also available at Newscom, www.newscom.com, and via AP PhotoExpress.

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VCI Global Engaged As Sagtec Group Sdn Bhd’s IPO Consultant and Business Expansion Consultant

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VCI Global Limited (NASDAQ: VCIG) (“VCI Global”, or the “Company”) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, V Capital Consulting Limited (“VCCL”) has been appointed as Sagtec Group Sdn Bhd’s (“SAGTEC”) initial public offering (“IPO”) consultant. This is in conjunction with SAGTEC’s proposed listing on the NASDAQ stock market. This IPO advisory mandate entails a USD2 million advisory fee and a success fee of 5% of the market capitalisation of SAGTEC when listed. As the IPO consultant, VCCL’s scope of work, amongst others, includes:- review and assist with the reorganization of SAGTEC’s capital structure; establish capital market strategies to maximize SAGTEC’s value ahead of the listing exercise; where applicable, review and assist in responding to queries from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and NASDAQ; and prepare and assist in obtaining all requisite regulatory approvals. VCCL’s consultancy expertise was further sought as SAGTEC also appointed VCCL as its business expansion consultant in connection with SAGTEC’s plans to expand its business into the Southeast Asia region. On this note, VCCL will conduct feasibility studies and competitive analysis to understand the competitive landscape within the said region. As part of its job scope, VCCL will also be developing customised market strategies that complement SAGTEC’s business goals on the back of the unique dynamics of the Southeast Asia region. “We are truly honoured to be awarded not one but two consultancy jobs by SAGTEC. We are more than happy to provide our expertise to ensure the successful listing of SAGTEC on NASDAQ,” said Dato’ Victor Hoo, Group Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VCI Global. About VCI Global Limited VCI Global is a multi-disciplinary consulting group with key advisory practices in the areas of business and technology. The Company provides business and boardroom strategy services, investor relation services, and technology consultancy services. Its clients range from small-medium enterprises and government-linked agencies to publicly traded companies across a broad array of industries. VCI Global operates solely in Malaysia, with clients predominantly from Malaysia, but also serves some clients from China, Singapore, and the US. For more information on the Company, please log on to https://v-capital.co/. Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to various risks and uncertainties. Such statements include statements regarding the Company's ability to grow its business and other statements that are not historical facts, including statements which may be accompanied by the words "intends," "may," "will," "plans," "expects," "anticipates," "projects," "predicts," "estimates," "aims," "believes," "hopes," "potential" or similar words. Actual results could differ materially from those described in these forward-looking statements due to certain factors, including without limitation, the Company's ability to achieve profitable operations, customer acceptance of new products, the effects of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and future measures taken by authorities in the countries wherein the Company has supply chain partners, the demand for the Company's products and the Company's customers' economic condition, the impact of competitive products and pricing, successfully managing and, general economic conditions and other risk factors detailed in the Company's filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are made as of the date of this press release, and the Company does not undertake any responsibility to update the forward-looking statements in this release, except in accordance with applicable law. CONTACT INFORMATION: Issued by Imej Jiwa Communications Sdn Bhd on behalf of VCI Global Limited For media queries, please contact: Imej Jiwa Communications Sdn Bhd Chris Chuah Email: chris@imejjiwa.com

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The Undervalued Potential of China Wantian Holdings Limited (SEHK:1854): A Case for Investment

The Undervalued Potential of China Wantian Holdings Limited (SEHK:1854): A Case for Investment   China Wantian Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1854) has established a strong foothold in the Greater Bay Area's green food supply chain and has expanded to the entire Chinese and even international markets through the capital market. Recently, the company announced a rights issue plan, and the results reveal an impressive list of placees, including China's largest mutual fund and a multinational investment firm with over 1 trillion AUM.   According to China Wantian's latest announcement, ChinaAMC Summerbrook Fund and an Asia Pacific Structured Equity Fund LPF, which is advised and managed by Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Limited, are new shareholders.   ChinaAMC Summerbrook Fund is part of China Asset Management, one of China's largest fund families. The Summerbrook Fund recently won two entries at the Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards 2022 in Hong Kong, including the Asia Bond Fund, Absolute Return - Outstanding Achiever, and Long/Short Equity - Outstanding Achiever categories.   Asia Pacific Structured Equity Fund LPF is advised and managed by Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Limited, one of the world's largest fund families listed on the New York Stock Exchange.   What could be the reason behind these major global fund groups taking an interest in China Wantian? It's possible that this is linked to China Wantian's background. Hooy Kok Wai, the chairman of China Wantian, also serves as the vice chairman of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, in the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, Perfect (China) Ltd. sells healthy food, small kitchenware, cosmetics, cleaning products, and personal care products. In recent years, as a foreign-funded company engaged in the big health technology industry, Perfect has relied on its digital transformation strategy to actively build a smart ecological platform integrating R&D, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and services.   This may lead to the association that Hooy Kok Wai may use China Wantian as an extension of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. in the capital market, or he may intend to create a company with a massive market capitalization in a short period. Both possibilities have sparked endless speculation in the investment market. ChinaAMC Summerbrook Fund and Asia Pacific Structured Equity Fund LPF's investment in China Wantian with substantial capital proves that the company's stock price may be significantly undervalued at its current level.   Moreover, the "Tycoon-designated Placing Agent" RaffAello, which has long been working with Cheung Kong Li Ka-shing and Henderson Land Lee Shau-kee, has arranged this rights issue. With such strong partnerships, the stock price of China Wantian appears to have significant upside potential.

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Trend Micro Predicts Cloud Security Will Be Consumed by the SOC by 2026

Emerging need for visibility across cloud will require ambitious professionals to evolve and adaptHONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 June 2023 - Trend Micro (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, predicts the security operation center (SOC) within organizations will absorb cloud security by 2026. Security leaders are recognizing that cloud and the way cloud security teams work today are becoming increasingly critical to business and IT operations. As a result, cloud security and the foundational practices of their teams will be absorbed into the SOC to increase efficiencies in the coming years. "Valuable innovations always cross the threshold and are absorbed into standard operations -- happened with virtualization, and it will happen again with cloud," said Mike Milner, VP of cloud technology at Trend Micro. "The organizations and individuals that lean into this will lead the way." Leaders who have successfully navigated cloud security are well placed to navigate a similar move to the modern SOC landscape. Software is consuming everything, creating system infrastructure that is increasingly defined as code and reliant on large volumes of data with automation as the cornerstone for delivering value at increasing speeds. All these principles are foundational to teams building and securing in the cloud, but SOC and IT infrastructure teams' tooling, like cross-detection and response (XDR), also leverage these concepts and can benefit from absorbing the scale, skills, and expertise of cloud teams. Trend's prediction is that viable SOC tools will grow to include cloud protection capabilities. With the increased inclusion of cloud detection and response (CDR) within XDR platforms, the SOC function will have an increased scope that will also impact leadership qualifications. Global organizations are set to spend $600 billion on public cloud services this year as the technology increasingly becomes an integral part of standard IT operations. Recent estimates suggest 87% of enterprises have already embraced multi-cloud and 72% are running hybrid cloud environments. Organizations wanting to leverage the combined strengths of their organizations might look to security partners with expertise in both cloud security and SOC tooling to smooth the transition in addition to these thoughts. Recommendations for organizations: Give CIOs more freedom to experiment with handling cloud and cloud security teams Look seriously at a cloud security leader as the next CISO Encourage or deliberately connect the leadership of the two teams – via joint executive briefings or having both reports into the CIO Consider rotational programs for security and engineering teams Recommendations for aspiring CISOs: Gain experience in cloud transformation Pick a cybersecurity partner with experience adopting and integrating technologies between cloud security and SOC tools Maintain cloud practitioner certifications from partners such as (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.) Leverage learnings from the cloud like immutability, building from code, and automation to improve security posture and respond quickly Hashtag: #TrendMicrohttps://www.linkedin.com/in/trend-micro-hong-kong-96353768/https://www.facebook.com/TrendMicroLimitedThe issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.About Trend MicroTrend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro's cybersecurity platform protects hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints. As a leader in cloud and enterprise cybersecurity, the platform delivers a powerful range of advanced threat defense techniques optimized for environments like AWS, Microsoft, and Google, and central visibility for better, faster detection and response. With 7,000 employees across 65 countries, Trend Micro enables organizations to simplify and secure their connected world. www.trendmicro.com.hk.

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Sit Back, Relax, and Leave Your Worries with Arlo this Summer

Award-winning home security solutions to give you a stress-free holiday!SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 13 June 2023 - With summer arriving and everyone gearing up for a fun-filled vacation with friends and family, security may not be at the top of your mind. But leaving your home unattended for days or weeks on end makes it an easy target for burglars. Worry not! Arlo's industry-leading portfolio of smart home security solutions will help keep an eye on your home, allowing you to enjoy your vacation with utmost peace of mind. Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera Enjoy your vacation to the fullest while keeping an eye on what goes on in your house with Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera. It records 1080p HD video with a 130-degree diagonal field-of-view by connecting directly to the Wi-Fi, and allows for two-way communication with its full-duplex audio feature. Even in the dark, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera captures video with Night Vision that turns on automatically, giving you visuals of all rooms in your house 24/7. If anyone enters your abode, you will receive a phone alert immediately with the camera's motion and audio detection function. This multi-functional camera even allows you to activate the privacy shield on the camera to cover the lens whenever you want. Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera: SGD129 (RP: SGD149) Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera For advanced outdoor and indoor surveillance, the Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera is the perfect option. Featuring cutting-edge capabilities such as 2K HDR video quality, a 160-degree field of view, and two-way audio, this versatile security camera will give you absolute peace of mind while you are on vacation. Movements might be harder to pick up in the dark, but the camera's unique integrated spotlight with colour Night Vision gives you crystal clear visuals even at night. The built-in smart siren will alert you to intruders and allow you to fend them off easily. The Pro 4 is simple to set up – with direct connection to Wi-Fi, you can set it up as a standalone security solution or a complimentary camera to an existing Arlo ecosystem. Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera: SGD329 (RP: SGD409) For more information on Arlo products, please visit https://kaira.arlostore.sg/. Hashtag: #ArloThe issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.About Arlo Technologies, Inc.Arlo is the award-winning, industry leader that is transforming the way people experience the connected lifestyle. Arlo's deep expertise in product design, wireless connectivity, cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge AI capabilities focuses on delivering a seamless, smart home experience for Arlo users that is easy to setup and interact with every day. The company's cloud-based platform provides users with visibility, insight and a powerful means to help protect and connect in real-time with the people and things that matter most, from any location with a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. To date, Arlo has launched several categories of award-winning smart connected devices, including wire-free smart Wi-Fi and 4G LTE-enabled security cameras, audio and video doorbells, and floodlight. With a mission to bring users peace of mind, Arlo is as passionate about protecting user privacy as it is about safeguarding homes and families. Arlo is committed to supporting industry standards for data protection designed to keep users' personal information private and in their control. Arlo doesn't monetize personal data, provides enhanced controls for user data, supports privacy legislation, keeps user data safely secure, and puts security at the forefront of company culture.

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