is bearish on Bitcoin shorting to low levels of $20,000, expecting the price target to hit in June

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New York, SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking (,  a private financial consulting service provider, is shorting Bitcoin futures to low $20K with the expectation to hit the price target by early June.


Stankevicius Group has been trading digital assets under SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking since late 2021 for clients and has provided strong returns to clients already in Q1 2022 reaching over 100% return of investment. SAIB has been extremely bearish during all this time since the start of 2022.


Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking provides clients professional consulting services related to funding, investments, trading and capital raising.


SAIB has taken a measured and counted risk to short Bitcoin and maintain open positions to 20K’s low price expectancy by June 2022.


SAIB CEO, Paulius Stankevicius has recently announced to commercialize crypto trading activities for clients and provide institutional investment services in the digital asset sector for those who expect higher returns and accept higher risk reward options.


SAIB is also investing in spot trading and NFTs. Stankevicius Group’s media division Stankevicius X is currently developing a gamified social media metaverse which is being funded by SAIB and is expected to go live in beta testing in summer 2022.


Stankevicius Group has also helped clients raise over $700M in funding till today and is expected to reach $1B in capital raising by the end of 2022.


To connect and partner with Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking contact here.


Stankevicius Group

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