OAV cares about climate change; contributes to the energy of the earth

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Climate change is the focal point of the global environment. Some experts said that climate change is the most serious environmental problem, and seriously affecting economic growth and development.

Therefore, not only the government but also companies continue to pay attention to this issue. When it comes to sustainability, energy efficiency is the most popular issue because it directly affects our lives. For some companies, energy consumption translates into higher or lower energy costs

In order to achieve the goal of sustainable energy use, OAV take the initiative to master the enterprise. And practice the sustainable goals of saving energy, improving efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and continuously improving energy performance.

OAV made a "green roof" in one of our factories. Solar energy is pollution-free and does not emit greenhouse gases after installation. The operation is also very simple. once a solar panel is installed, solar energy can be produced free of charge.

This is just the first step for OAV. In the future, we hope that we can use more resources to work with the government zero-carbon emission policy to continue striving for sustainability.
OAV's mission and vision Create spectacular machines for our customers, and satisfy every customer completely".

OAV is a small and medium-sized enterprise in Taiwan. At the beginning, it started with a band saw machine to produce small woodworking machines. In 2000, OAV developed to 200 employees and established its own casting factory(Xu Ding Industrial Co., Ltd.)

In addition, it also worked closely with downstream factories to start production of secret machinery such as sliding table saws. In addition to Europe and the United States, the main sales countries are Iran and India.
After continuous innovation, OAV finally launched a whole series of edge banding machines to meet the different needs of customers in 2010. Up to now, it has sold tens of thousands of machines worldwide.

OAV effectively help the industry to increase production capacity

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