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We are in a Noisy World! Speaking at the same loudness, we barely can hear conversation from the person in front of us in a restaurant, or in a subway station. However, we can hear people's murmuring from a far distance in suburb. This is because the sound noise level in a subway station is much higher than in the suburb.

RF detector

Similarly, Our World is also contaminated by Radio Frequency emissions. RF Noise is everywhere. The degree of contamination varies with respect to time, location, and frequency.
4G LTE cell phone detector can only capture the signal above the noise floor. In cellphone frequency bands, the noise level is strongly related to the distribution of base stations.

At the same location, the power transmitted from a cell phone is dependent with the location of the base stations. To reach a farther base station, it will need higher power.
4G RF Detector 

Sensitivity means the lowest signal level can be detected (distinguishable from Noise)
4G cell phone detector  
4G detector
4G mobile phone detector
mobile phone detector
All Sensitivity Adjustment
After sensitivity of each frequency band is optimized, we can use device control buttons or remote connection to adjust the overall sensitivity.
4G cell phone RF detector 


Relevant products information

CIU provides detector that can detect any GPS Jammer signals, cell phone jammer signals, hidden audio bugs, spy camera, spy earpiece earphone, Cheating watches, and Bluetooth cheating device. Cell Phone Detector can detect mobile phone, smartphone used in the restricted areas to prevent cell phone listening bugs, cyber attacks using mobile phone. We offers handheld type, wall mount type and table top type of RF Signal Cell Phone Frequency Wireless Camera GPS Spy Bug Detector.

For Anti student cheating solution, we offer professional grade 4G 3G 2G signal detector and simple use Cell phone signal detector. The RF Signal Detector and Video Interceptor can detect most of the wireless hidden camera, wired camera, GPS Tracker, GMS 3G 4G bugs. Use the professional counter-surveillance tools to secure your privacy. (Learn more.)


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