Hands-free 4G WiFi body camera in workplace!

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The wearable industrial body cameras are not only suitable for the law enforcement and security field but also for industrial users, they have targeted specific niche use cases for capturing moments, where hands-free usage is a key requirement, likes factory workers, field staff, retail workers, inspector, repair engineer and film party.

The HD Body-worn cameras increase worker safety and improve situational awareness for command and control. It provides video documentation and live broadcast via WiFi or 4G connections. 4G WiFi handsfree body-worm cameras can be used for point-of-view recording and live broadcasts; operators do NOT spend their day in the control room waiting for instructions; with the visual live videos, they can speed reaction time and increase efficiency in works.

Body camera technology developers have been starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) in order to enhance the devices capabilities and efficiency for police. The Police Camera will do more than just recording, will it be used for other industrial ?


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